Sample Collection Consumables

Here at Santé we have specialist teams working to guarantee the highest quality consumables for optimum laboratory performance. Key priorities include; maintaining sample integrity, ensuring no assay interference, preventing leakages and complying with transport regulations.

Flocked Swab

Flocked Swabs

Collection & transport
Flocked swabs utilise innovative nylon fibre technology to provide outstanding sample collection and release. Features and benefits include; ergonomic and anatomic design of the swabs improves patient comfort and specimen collection, Soft brush-like texture for rapidly and efficiently dislodging cells, a safe and convenient breakpoint and rapid automatic elution for instantaneous and spontaneous release of sample into liquid media.


Collection & transport
Liquid amies medium in a pre-labelled tube, with flocked swab. For collection and transport of clinical specimens containing aerobes, anaerobes, fastidious bacteria, viruses and chlamydia. E-swabs are transport swabs that can be processed using standard laboratory procedures for bacterial culture and molecular detection of bacteria, viruses and chlamydia. Benefits include; sterile by irradiation, suited to automated processing, CE marked & flocked for improved sample collection and release. 
Dry Swab

Dry Swabs

Collection & transport
Dry swabs supplied in paper peel pouch or in a tube. Low moisture permeability sterile dry swabs used for sample collection and transfer. CE marked as Class IIa (medical device
directive 93/42EEC transient invasive use). A wide range of tips & usages available. 
Saline filled tube

Saline filled tubes

Collection & transport

The test tubes each with 1 ml physiological saline solution NaCl 0,9% serve as transport vessel for swab samples. The tubes are available in different sizes and versions and are provided sterile. The swabs are nylon flock fiber tip and are available in two versions for throat and/or nose swab tests - individually sterile packed. 

Nylon flock fiber swab, nose, breakpoint 82 mm, tip-Ø 3 mm / Nylon flock fiber swab, throat, breakpoint 81 mm, tip-Ø 5 mm


Lysis buffer tubes

Lysis buffer tubes

Collection & transport
This sample collection and Transport Tube is a single-use device for professional in vitro diagnostic use, intended for the collection and transport of clinical specimens suspected of containing viruses from the collection site to the testing laboratory. Nasal and oral swab samples are placed into the Sample collection tubes which can then be transported back to the laboratory and processed using standard molecular clinical laboratory techniques for viral DNA detection. The buffer contains active ingredients that have been recognised as sufficient for viral particle inactivation at the concentration used in enveloped viruses. 

Viral Transport Medium

Collection & transport

The VTM filled tubes provide an effective and safe way of storing, transporting and maintaining collected samples. Multiple fill quantity options are available including 1ml, 2ml & 3ml and the formulation does not affect the integrity of the viral nucleic acid. All product complies with relevant legislation and carries the CE mark where applicable. 

VTM Kit Use

VTM & Swab Kit

Collection & transport

The swab kit is a ready-to-use system for the collection & transport of viruses obtained from clinical specimens, compatible with the below PCR kit. Each kit contains; a nasopharyngeal swab in a sterile peel pouch with a swab to collect the sample, a 3ml viral transport medium (VTM) & a biohazard bag used to place the VTM tube in for transportation. 

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