Sleep Therapy

Managing sleep apnoea correctly will lead to a more balanced & fulfilled lifestyle. It is estimated that over ten percent of the global population are suffering from sleep apnoea, & of this approximately only ten percent are currently being treated. 

Partnering with National Sleep Care, an accredited manufacturer of sleep & respiratory devices with over 40 years of experience, we're raising awareness & providing quality products through a unique distribution channel of professional support & advice.  

prisma Sleep Device

Prisma Therapy Range

Precision, reliability & unparalleled silence

Our German-made Lowenstein prisma range offers leading sleep apnoea devices in the global market. All products are warehoused & serviced locally, with a 3-year full replacement warranty. 

With the help of a superior algorithm, the prisma20A automatically provides continuous pressure adjustments tailored specifically to the patient's needs, providing a highly effective treatment. 

Distributor Benefits

Distributor Benefits

What will this do for you?

There are tangible benefits for our distribution network taking up this new product, including but not limited to;

  1. Access to an exclusive supply line. Our distributors have been assured of a fair distributor agreement. 
  2. Our dealers are offered a sustainable solution that helps keep their business at a professional level.
  3. Our products are associated with great service & consistently ensure consumer satisfaction. 

Contact us for further information regarding distributor agreements, & comprehensive product specifications. 

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