Sleep Therapy

Managing sleep apnoea correctly will lead to a more balanced & fulfilled lifestyle. It is estimated that over ten percent of the global population are suffering from sleep apnoea, & of this approximately only ten percent are currently being treated. 

Santé are committed to providing sustainable & professional solutions to the valued sleep fraternity & are bringing the Löwenstein range of sleep devices to Australia. Löwenstein are a premium respiratory device manufacturer in Germany, having developed leading-edge technology in healthcare & homecare breathing support.

CARA Masks

CARA Masks

Sleep Soundly.

The thoroughly modern nasal & full face masks in the CARA family satisfy patient requirements for a perfect fit, great wearing comfort, gentle, quiet exhalation & good skin compatibility.

The successful CARA masks wins over fans with it’s lightness, the soft supple mask cushion, adjustable headgear, excellent fit and other clever details.

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Prisma Therapy Range

Prisma Therapy Range

Welcome to the comfort zone.

The German-made Löwenstein PrismaLINE (or Prisma range) consists of leading-edge sleep apnoea devices in the global market. All devices are warehoused & serviced locally, with a 5-year warranty.

With the help of a superior algorithm, the Prisma range of automatic devices provides continuous pressure adjustments tailored specifically to the patient's needs, providing highly effective treatment. Reportedly, users of the Prisma range experience superior & unique treatment benefits & overall comfort, we call this "The Löwenstein Difference", further insights into why these clinical benefits are present are explored below. 

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SOMNO Therapy Range

SOMNO Therapy Range

Effective. Reliable. Unparalleled Silence.

Introducing the SOMNObalance e APAP/CPAP Treatment device & SOMNOsoft2e CPAP device from the trusted SOMNO range by Löwenstein. These are made in Germany and offer superior quality & durability, in a simple but very functional device.

Both devices feature the integrated highly efficient SOMNOaqua humidifier with adjustable humidification settings, SoftPAP, SoftStart & auto start/stop. SOMNObalance e APAP/CPAP device also has an efficacious APAP treatment algorithm that proactively optimises the night's sleep & has an adjustable rate of pressure change.

Distributor Benefits

Distributor Benefits

What will this do for you?

There are tangible benefits for our distribution network taking up this new product, including but not limited to;

  1. Access to an exclusive supply line. Our distributors have been assured of a fair distributor agreement. 
  2. Our dealers are offered a sustainable solution that helps keep their business at a professional level.
  3. Our products are associated with great service & consistently ensure consumer satisfaction. 
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The Lowenstein Difference

The Lowenstein Difference

Clinical Benefits.

The Löwenstein devices consistently demonstrate clinical efficacy (AHI<5/hour), with further key clinical features as follows:

  • Prisma RECOVER - Innovative feature that estimates deep sleep.
  • High accuracy of AHI detection - 96% accuracy level with PG as reference.
  • Proactive algorithm regulation - epoch-based response with structured
    treatment pattern.
  • Dynamic & Standard Algorithm - 2 settings to suit different patients & stage of treatment.
  • Stability of pressure adjustment - therapeutically effective with no unnecessary fluctuation.
  • Efficiency of pressure - consistently low Pmax & Pmean.
  • Pressure relief SoftPAP - No compromise on clinical outcome.
Click here for a detailed evidence-based insight into each of these proposed clinical benefits. 
Successful sleep therapy treatment

What does successful sleep therapy treatment look like?

There is no set formula for the successful treatment of sleep disordered breathing (i.e. obstructive sleep apnoea). The treatment process is a complex matter & intensely individual, when it comes to PAP therapy, a practical test & trial process fine-tuned & tailored to an individual’s experience & needs by a trained professional is the consistent way to optimise the treatment outcome.

When asked what defines successful sleep apnoea treatment, the usual metric clinicians & specialists refer to is AHI (Apnoea Hypopnea Index) per hour. A score of less than 5 AHI/hr is the typical theoretical definition of clinical effectiveness in PAP therapy. In reality, therapy outcome revolves around more than AHI/hr. The following chart offers insight into how Santé & Löwenstein view therapy success.

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SAC (Smart Aqua Control)

Prisma20A/20C/25S/25ST/30ST/CR/LAB feature

Preheat function is activated via pressing the humidifier symbol once, prior to commencement of therapy. If you forget, SAC will boost heat at start-up to quickly bring humidification. SAC intelligently regulates humidity to keep it as constant as possible even if your mask leaks.

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