Tailored Space Management

Santé has partnered with Spacelogic, a world-leading designer & manufacturer of medical storage solutions, to supply Spacelogic products & services to the US, UK & European healthcare sectors.

Spacelogic’s flagship product, STERIRACK™ System, is a fully integrated, free-standing racking, basket & shelving system that is used to create custom storage installations, as well as a comprehensive range of hospital benching, workstations, pharmacy shelving, & medical trolleys.

Tailored healthcare storage management

Tailored healthcare storage management

The gold standard

Spacelogic is a world leader in tailored storage management solutions for healthcare, with innovations such as STERIRACK™ & MEDIBIN™, & a suite of professional services second-to-none, including design & installation support, expert custom fabrication, & a 10-year warranty.

Elevate your workplace environment & discover efficiencies you never thought possible, with time & space savings of up to 50%. Experience savings on consumables using Spacelogic’s best practice, standards compliant storage management systems.



Improve infection control, maximize space, increase patient care time

STERIRACK™ has been designed & developed by Spacelogic to meet the clinical needs of healthcare, using feedback from healthcare professionals. STERIRACK™ offers modular versatility & can be customized to suit your space & application. 

  • Space savings - Up to 50%
  • Time saving - Fast stock retrieval
  • Less wastage - Old stock not lost behind new
  • Smooth edges - For product & user safety
  • Improved handling of stock
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide range of accessories


Manage infection with smooth wire MEDIBINS™

Easy-to-clean MEDIBINS™ allow air to circulate, keeping consumables hygienic & dry. Dust and dirt have nowhere to gather. The patented looped wire configuration has no sharp edges, providing product & user safety. 

MEDIBINS™ are available in six sizes to enable maximum usage of storage space, while MEDIPANELS™ are easily mounted to the wall. Click here for more information.

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