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Santé Healthcare

Providing powerful & safer business continuity, swiftly connecting & supporting organisations around the world with protective & sanitisation equipment. We eliminate risk, guarantee quality & ensure a seamless supply chain.

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Santé Healthcare

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Santé Supply

Connecting farmers to customers, our fully integrated farm to store procurement channel provides transparency & traceability. We assist you to maximise efficiency & broaden your food supplies to all corners of the globe.

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Santé Supply

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Tailored healthcare storage management Improve infection control, maximize available space, increase patient care time

Does your current consumables management system: 

  • Meet infection control recommendations? 
  • Meet clinical standards of best practice? 
  • Comply with safety recommendations? 
  • Maximize the usage of your space? 
  • Adjust to meet your changing needs?
  • Maximize your time on the ward?  

If you said 'No', to any of these questions, then Spacelogic's storage systems are the perfect solution for you. Santé has partnered with Spacelogic, to supply the gold standard in products & services to healthcare worldwide. View our solutions here. 


Local Manufacturing The new way forward?

Despite all the benefits globalisation brings, there are unique challenges that have been exposed by the COVID-19 restrictions. From simple matters of alternate time zones, language barriers, to the more frightening trend of an increase of scams and various other frauds, through to the major issues of political tensions and violation of human rights. Globalisation is good; but we believe localisation is better.

It is becoming apparent that the way forward for a successful and fully risk-mitigated supply chain, is through localised sources.

We are excited & passionate about the future of local manufacturing in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia! Click here to read more on our approach to Australian-made isolation gowns. 

Our people

Our people are at the heart of our business. Our teams operate in the UK, Australia & United States to service your needs globally.

We're driven by a desire to support the needs of organisations globally, improve ways of working, & keep our clients operating seamlessly at all times.

Our team has long-established relationships & supply agreements, enabling us to rapidly respond to global demand at scale, whilst providing supply certainty & risk mitigation in the daily & long-term operations of your business. 

Striving for continuous improvement every day, our people provide insights & support suppliers & partners, including market analysis & financial stability. Find out more here.

Food Safety The post-COVID-19 consumer's greatest concern

The need for enhanced food guarantees and tracing is driven by increased consumer demand, changing regulatory requirements, and the increasing complexity and globalization of food supply chains and production.

While there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmittable via food or food packaging within the food supply chain to-date, consumers will nonetheless need to expressly hear and be convinced that the foods they eat arrive on their plate only after the most rigorous food safety measures have been applied. 

Concerned about food safety? Click here for more on our insights and solutions.