We're shaping the future of workplace safety & operational efficiency. We eliminate risk, guarantee quality & ensure your supply chain is seamless, smarter & safer. Working with leading multinationals, hospitals, healthcare organisations & government bodies, we have innovative & proven solutions to safeguard business continuity. 

Global supply chain

Global supply chain

We've got you covered

Our ways of working mean increased efficiencies & reliability for you: 

  • Substantial production capacity secured to guarantee your product when you need it
  • Scalability for increased demand during times of need
  • Dedicated teams on the ground to source & validate suppliers, & implement quality control
  • Established direct relationships with premium freight carriers for accelerated service & reliable scheduling
Supporting our Clients

Supporting our clients

Next Generation Sourcing

We work with clients across:

  • Healthcare organisations & hospitals
  • Corporate sector
  • Government bodies including defence
  • Hospitality providers
  • Heavy industry

Our adaptable approach means we can deliver efficient recovery solutions in the event of disruption. Our solutions support business continuity so our clients have the ability to maximise their operations. 

Our response

Our response to COVID-19

Mitigation & prevention strategies

We provide a proven solution that enables hospitals & healthcare institutions to recover & maintain business continuity amidst a crisis. Our mitigation & control strategies are endorsed by global leading infection control specialists.

Government, Healthcare & Industrial entities are relying on our UV Light & hydrogen peroxide technologies to keep their staff & clients/patients protected & safe in every environment.

We're also supporting our clients with a guaranteed supply of personal protection equipment & COVID testing products

Trusted Partnerships

Trusted partnerships

For every solution

We’ve established trusted partnerships with certified Government, Healthcare, & Medical vendors:

  • Inivos - specialists in infection elimination systems.
  • Sterilab Services - specialist supplier of clinical diagnostics.
  • Gloves4U - long-established supplier of  first-rate medical personal protection equipment.