About us

We're a global consortium providing unique solutions to challenges faced in the everyday functions of government, medical, industry & corporate sectors. From infection control in healthcare institutions, to chemical substitution in government & industry assets, to personal protective equipment and COVID-19 testing solutions, our focus is on enabling efficient business operations through proven technology & sustainable solutions. Our global reach & partnerships with trusted suppliers & carriers provide the certainty our valued clients look for.

Our clients

We work with clients across:

  • healthcare organisations & hospitals
  • corporate multinationals
  • government bodies
  • hospitality providers

Our adaptable approach means we can deliver efficient recovery solutions in the event of a disruption. We offer business continuity support so our clients have the ability to maximise operations.

From the outset, we initiate a stringent process for supplier validation to ensure that our clients & ourselves are not subjected to unknown risk & potential fraud.

Our people

Our people are at the heart of our business. Our teams operate in the UK, Australia & United States to service your needs globally.

We're driven by a desire to support the needs of medical & healthcare organisations globally, improve ways of working, & keep our clients operating seamlessly at all times.

Our team has long-established relationships & supply agreements, enabling us to rapidly respond to global demand at scale, whilst providing supply certainty & risk mitigation in the daily & long-term operations of your business. 

Our partners

Santé has partnered with organisations globally to assist governments, the corporate sector and health systems gain access to leading-edge technologies & products to facilitate business continuity.

We select our partners based on their values & ability to deliver quality products. Our partners focus on providing infection elimination & control, COVID-19 testing solutions, & specialised cleaning fluid solutions that are proven to deliver better results.

We've also partnered with select organisations to implement PPE manufacturing plants in the US, UK & Australia. 

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