Needles & Syringes

Santé offer a series of safe, high quality & easy to use injection products. With the latest certification, our medical products undergo rigorous packaging, disinfection & inspection processes to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Low Dead Space Syringe

Low Dead Space Syringes

Santé offer a full range of conventional syringes, available with leur slip or leur lock which can be attached to a needle of any size & variety.

Low Dead Space / Low Waste Syringe  A low dead space syringe reduces the amount of 'waste' liquid between the needle & syringe, Using small gauges of needle, there becomes less dead space, due to the small inner diameter of the needle tube. 

Ultra Low Dead Space Syringe - As per the above, however the 'waste' liquid is typically below 10ul. 

Leur Slip_Leur Lock

Syringe Barrel Types

The syringe barrel is the cylindrical part of a syringe that holds the fluid to be injected, or fluid that has been withdrawn. 

Leur Lock Syringe - Allows the needle to be twisted onto syringe and locked into place. Achieves the safest bond, with no chance of leakage. 

Leur Slip Syringe - In this case the needle is slipped on as the name suggests.  Compared with the Leur Lock, the slip tip is both quicker & easier to use, however whilst still safe, they are not as secure as the Leur Lock. 

Hypodermic Needle


Hypodermic needle are a thin hollow tube with one sharp tip, commonly used with a syringe to inject substances into the body or extract fluids. A safety needle /syringe has a built-in mechanism to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers. 

Hypodermic Needle - A hollow needle used to administer or extract fluids from the skin. All vaccine needles will be hypodermic. 

Safety needle/safety syringe - A syringe or needle with a built in safety mechanism to prevent needlestick injuries. This can be a detachable or permanent sheath over the needle, or the needle can retract into the barrel of the syringe. 

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